The team within Black Bear Technology Solutions (B2TS) possess professional expertise in broad technical and process areas that are required to support a client’s core business functions. The first step is to understand how technology within the context of the customer’s environment supports their organizational mission. What does the mission deliver to stakeholders, staff, and customer regarding an experience? From the very start, B2TS is all about the experience a client defines for maximum mission delivery.

B2TS areas of technical expertise include systems analysis and design, application development, integration testing, systems integration (including COTS integration) and systems implementation and deployment. In support of overall systems development, we possess professional expertise in the areas of database management and administration, COTS and open source application and database development, network management, on-site user support, research methodologies and program management.

Program management personnel are highly competent B2TS program managers with years of experience in systems development and a thorough understanding of the use of Earned Value (EV) techniques in support of a customizable program management process to meet the values of your organization.

We welcome the opportunity to be a different type of company in the market of IT services and customization. Our determination of success is dependent on only the success of our clients and stakeholders. In the B2TS philosophy, the success of the customer is our “Priority Mission.”

Licenses and Compliance

 ISO 9001:2015

 ISO/IEC 27001:2013